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Beauty Queen Author!

February 22, 2023 Faith Brackett Season 18 Episode 414
Heart to Heart with Anna
Beauty Queen Author!
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Here is another episode in our Wednesday Writer Chat series of “Heart to Heart with Anna.” This is a special mini-series produced for Heart Month, February 2023.

Today’s show is Beauty Queen Author and our Guest is Faith Brackett. We’ll start today’s program by learning a bit about Faith and her health condition in Segment 1. In the second segment, we’ll talk about how Faith came to write a book and in the final segment, we’ll talk about how Tablet Talk and how Faith and her sister are working to help other children in the hospital.

Faith Brackett was born in the mid-1990s with HLHS. She has had 8 open-heart surgeries and was the first child to undergo what is now known as the bi-ventricle repair. She also received a valve-in-valve tricuspid replacement via the cath lab. 

She has a Bachelor’s Degree in K-8 Elementary Education and a minor in Psychology. Faith has worn many hats, including educator, advocating for people with CHD, serving with CHD organizations, member of the Ultimate International Miss Organization, author, founder of CHD Tablet Talk, speaker, and content creator/ blogger. 

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